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ElastoFit Band

ElastoFit Band

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High-performance kinesiology band for sports and recovery, made of elastic and waterproof materials.

Ideal for gym workouts, tennis, and muscle pain relief.

Promotes muscle support and pain alleviation during athletic activities.



Instructions and precautions for use:

1. Before use, please make sure to clean the skin of the area that needs to be adhered; If encountering hair areas, please avoid or remove the hair from the areas to be adhered;

2. If there is inflammation or wound on the skin, please avoid applying it directly to that area;

3. When cutting the patch, all corners should be rounded;

4. Before sticking, avoid contact with moisture or other substances on the adhesive surface of the adhesive tape;

5. During each use, stretch the patch moderately, but avoid stretching the end of the patch;

6. Find the correct location, attach the fixed point, and then apply the patch smoothly to the skin in a local stretching posture, covering the corresponding functional muscles. Try to complete the tying action within 1-2 times, and after sticking, repeatedly rub with your hand to activate the adhesive to consolidate the effect.

7. If there are symptoms of redness during use, please stop using immediately and let the redness subside. If the skin continues to turn red but does not subside, please seek medical attention.

8. When removing the patch, pull the patch with one hand along the direction of the hair, and gently press the skin with the other hand to remove it from top to bottom; Additionally, repeated tearing and pasting may cause skin discomfort.

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